The stock 2.1L 4 cylinder engine is going strong with 135,000 miles on the odometer. At this time there are no plans to change or modify this engine unless a problem arises. Several systems have been upgraded and replaced including the ignition and fuel systems.


    The factory 3 speed auto is performing well and the car performs adequately up to around 70mph. We do have a 5 speed manual transmission and pedal box that may get installed in the future but for now the automatic is staying put.


    The factory Dana 30 has been a trooper and is functioning as intended. All of the brakes have been replaced with remanufactured units including the calipers, lines, valves, and rotors. Polyurethane bushings will be replacing all of the link bushings.


    We have two sets of wheels for this Volvo. The original steel wheels with beauty rings and dog dishes are in respecatble condition and live on the car during the summer months. Replacement steel wheels and winter tires are on the vehicle during the wet months.


    While no major body modifications are planned for the Volvo, several repairs are in order. The paint on the hood is severely sun damages and a previous owner put a small dent in the passenger side of the hood and front fender. Other small rust prone areas will need to be repaired soon.


    The interior of the Volvo is one of our favorite parts of the car. The chocolate brown vinyl seats are in great shape and only a few repairs are needed to make it look OEM. We are working on repairing some plastic panels and are in the market for a new instrument cluster with a tachometer and a dash pad.