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    Long term goal is to put a 6L90E 6 speed auto in the Buick. This is going to be a challenge due to the small transmission tunnel in B-Bodies. We will likely produce a kit for this swap. A 4L80E is currently in the car for V1. V2 to come soon.


    We have purchased a complete rear end assembly from a 2011 Cadillac CTS-V. We are working on developing an adapter to mount the CTS-V rear end assembly into the B-Body frame.


    Our 3D models have allowed us to change wheel options very easily. Ultimately, we ended up with a 5Y design that originally came on 2014 Camaro Z28 models. This design is readily available from many aftermarket wheel companies.


    Many modifications are planned for the Buick. Aftermarket fiberglass bumper, hood, and roll pan are in the works. We will be making a custom tail gate and possibly replacing the stock door handles with an option from Kendig It Design.


    The stock interior of the Roadmaster has no support for spirited driving. We will be replacing the front bench with performance style buckets and a center console while the rest of the interior is updated to match. Retaining the rear facing seat is mandatory.


    We have built a very robust 5.3L Gen-3 LS engine capable of 1500 horsepower. This engine is installed in the car in an NA configuration. We will be bumping ther power up with the help of mirrored twin turbos from Precision Turbo.


    The entire suspension has been replaced with QA1 tubular control arms and coilovers. The drop is accentuated by Belltech drop spindles and new bushing and bearings all around.


    The stock brakes on the Buick were in rough shape when we purchased the car. We replaced all of the braking components with R1 Concepts Geo-Carbon rotors, OEM calipers, pads, lines, drums, and shoes.



2004 LM7 Block with 317 Heads

Comp Cam - 54-454-11

Comp Cams Valve Spring Set - 26926TS-Kit

Comp Cams Lifters - 850-16

Manley SS Intake Valves - 11360-8

Manley SS Exhaust Valves - 11361-8

AFR Bronze Valve Guides - 9051-1

Dura-Bond Cam Bearings - CHP-10T

Eagle Forged Connecting Rods - CRS612503DL19

BTR Wiseco Forged Pistons - AW-07268

SCE SS O-ring Head Gaskets - CR200559

King XP Main Bearings - MB5013XPC010

King Rod Bearings - CR807XPNDC010

Comp Cams Valve Spring Seats - 4682-16

Improved Racing Oil Galley Barbell - EGM-501

ARP Main Studs - 234-5608

Melling Performance Oil Pump - 10355HV

Comp Cams Rocker Shafts - 1981-16

ARP Rocker Studs - 234-7207

ARP Engine Bolt Set - 534-9705

ARP Cam Bolts - 134-1103

Summit Racing Pro Timing Set - G6645-1X

Moroso High Clearance Oil Pan - 000-6400-00

Holley LS Modular Lo-Ram Dual Injector Intake - 300-624

Holley EFI Terminator X 42lb Fuel Injectors - 522-428X

Holley Sniper Throttle Body - 860002-1

ARP Pro Series Head Studs - 234-4317

ACDelco Crankshaft Position Sensor - 12560228

ACDelco Camshaft Position Sensor - 19420911

Allstar Performance Cylinder Head Pins - 87024

ACDelco Coolant Temp Sensor - 19236568

Delphi Idle Air Control Valve - CV10017-11B1

ACDelco MAP Sensor - 55573248

ACDelco Oil Pressure Sensor - 12677836

Fel-Pro Camshaft Thrust Plate - ES73115

ACDelco Throttle Position Sensor - 88864359

Walbro Electric 255lph Fuel Pump - GSS341BX

Walbro Fuel Pump Installation Kit - 400-799

ICT Billet Fuel Injector Plugs - 551333-LS3

ICT Billet Power Steering Bracket - 551591-3

ICT Billet Alternator Bracket - 551799-3

BTR 7.450" Pushrods - PR7450312-16

-8 Braided Nylon Fuel Hose - 240820B

ICT illet Spark Plug Wires - 8mm - 551083

Summit Racing Fuel Pressure Regulator - 220059

Russell Fuel Pressure Gauge - 650320

Fragola -8 Hose Ends - Straight - 220108-BL

Dayco Belt Tensioner - 89253

ARP Balancer Bolt - 234-2503

ARP Torque Converter Bolts - 230-7304

ARP Bellhousing Bolts - 134-0902

ACDelco Water Pump - Camaro - 19207665

Holley Terminator X Max - 550-919

Earls -8 90 Degree O-ring Fittings - AT949008ERL

Summit Racing High-Output Ignition Coils - 850501B

Fel-Pro Valve Cover Grommets - ES 72233

ICT Billet Belt Tensioner Bracket - 551527X-3

ARP Chromoly Bolts - Intake Lid - 640-1000

Cardone Power Steering Pump - 9669849

Summit Racing Billet Oil Cap - 380190

Standard Motor Intake Air Temp Sensor - AX1

Earls 3/8 Fuel Line -8 Adapter - 935086ERL

Earls 5/16 Fuel Line -8 Adapter - 935085ERL

Holley -8 Plugs - 26-159

BRP Hot Rods Motor/Transmission Mounts - 602-0102-80

BRP Hot Rods Radiator and Spal Fans - Black - 313-9044-AF

Duralast Gold Alternator - NDLG11319

Duralast Gold Starter -

ARP Flexplate Bolts - 244-2902

Lokar Locking Engine Oil Dipstick - X1220217

Lokar Transmission Dipstick - XTD-34L80FM36

ACDelco Throttle Cable - 15251906

45 Degree -8 Hose Ends - 21408

NGK Spark Plugs - 2238 (TR5)

Holley LS Coil Harnesses - 558-321

Holley MAP Sensor Adapter - 558-416

Fragola Transmission Line Adapters - 499106-BL

Patriot Exhaust Tight Tuck Headers (Requires modification) - H8086-B

ICT Billet Power Steering Fittings - 551082-FIT01

Current Performance Wiring Alternator/ Fuel pumps, Fan Relay Kit - TERMX-HD-F-FP-PDM


QA1 Adjustable Upper Rear Trailing Arms - 5254

QA1 Lower Rear Trailing Arms - 5203

QA1 Rear Pro Coilover Kit - RCK52384

QA1 GM 2.0 Street Control Arms - 52718

QA1 GM 2.0 Pro-Touring Control Arms - 52520

QA1 Pro Front Coilover Kit - GS507-10600C


Energy Suspension Body Mounts - 3.4136G

Spec-D Tuning Black Headlight - 2LCLH-IPA91JM-EU