Our plan is to put a Chevy 383 stroker into this car. In a perfect world, we can reuse some components from the OEM Buick engine including most of the top end. We have a clean 4 bolt main 350 block that we're ready to put together.


    We already have a TH350 transmission for this car. The 3 speed will give us decent drivability in a compact package. The low weight of the bug will prolong the transmission's life.


    The rear end the bug will be getting is the tried and true Ford 9 inch. We will be upgrading to stronger axle shafts, 3rd members, and bearing sets to give us a lot of room to grow in the future. We should have zero issues with the 9".


    Our goal is to build this bug in the style of a 1930s Ford Model A hotrod from the 1960s era. This includes classic Firestone whitewall piecrust slicks out back and wide whitewall bias ply loo-a-likes up front.


    Every single panel on this car has been modified, only about 20% of the original car remains. The roof was cut off to make a roadster and the rear "wheel arches" have been raised 4.5 inches to look for proper. The doors have been chopped 2 inches to clear the exhaust.


    The interior of this bug will be utilitarian at best. Aluminum bomber seats will receive weather resistant upholstery. The remainder of the interior will be sheet metal panels with heat/sound barrier. Our goal is to manage the car through a center screen.